If only life were as simple as breathing in and letting go.

Millie Hart has made a career writing happy endings. While her real life is often less than enchanting, at least she has her stories, featuring strong, vibrant women ready for any challenge and men who stand in support of their dreams. Millie makes millions of readers swoon, but despite her agent’s deep objections, her new project is fueled by her intense drive to prove something. All she needs is four months in Bodega Bay. No meet-cutes, no kissing, just blissful silence.

Drake Branch is happy to be alive. He’s healed, opened BP Glass Works with his best friend, and appreciates the value of his hometown. It’s been six years since the accident, and Drake has tackled every hurdle—mental and physical—to stand on his own. So, when he lets a struggling metalworks shop move in next door to his studio and the noise triggers old issues, Drake needs to crank the music—as loud as it will go.

Millie rents the cottage mere steps from Drake’s studio to write a literary novel she hopes will finally gain her father’s approval and soon learns that away from her laptop, there are men who refuse to be edited out. Despite her neighbor’s insistence that she is an entitled tourist, Millie has been blown off most of her life and she’s not going anywhere this time.

It is going to be one long summer unless Millie and Drake can learn that some books are more than their covers, one breath can change the shape of everything, and true family often shows up in unlikely places.



“A sweet, sexy read with complicated, likable leads, a swoonworthy seaside setting, and a positive message about
– Kirkus

“Witty dialogue and fun interactions often had me laughing out loud.”
– Trish

“…a remarkable storyline; wonderfully developed characters; twists and turns that that keep you flipping those pages.”
– Patricia

“This book was like a warm hug. I highly recommend it.”
– Erika

“Falling in love with the characters was easy, Tracy truly knows how to write and does so, greatly.”
– Erika E.

Chapter One

Millie Hart had never seen so many rosy-cheeked men. Her key was under one of them, and if she didn’t find the little bastard before her phone battery died, she’d be spending the night in a neon-green rental car. The same rental car she’d torn apart moments earlier looking for the Post-it on which her assistant, Karen, wrote the “pertinent cottage access information.”

Karen loved Post-its.

Millie did not because they disappeared like socks in a dryer. Not that she shared that or the fact it was no longer 1985 with Karen, but if she’d emailed or a texted even, Millie would have the information on her trusty—her phone battery dropped to 7 percent. In the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, her assistant managed a jab.

“Post-its still suck,” she whispered as a chill tickled the edge of her sweatshirt and her Converse sank deeper into the soggy green front yard of a cottage to which she had no key.

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What Readers are Saying…

  • "It’s light without being fluffy, the romance realistic, the friendships meaningful, and the characters easy to connect with. I always recommend Tracy Ewens’ novels, but this one might be my personal favorite."
    Carlene (Tap)
  • “Tracy Ewens writing proved to be what I crave from my romance books. Angst and conflict coupled with a character driven plot guided by charming, unassuming characters and terrific writing.”
    TeriLyn (Playbook)
  • “No characters have felt more real to me than these two. Sure there is the snappy dialog, wry and witty humor, but underneath it all is a love so deep and thorough that you can’t help but let your heart and emotions be touched in a way that lasts long after the story ends.”
    Becky (Exposure)
  • When it comes to the story itself, I loved the author’s voice. Her way with words, especially the inner dialogue of the characters, it was a really engrossing and comfortable read. It was funny, sad, happy and angsty at times but each character shined through as his/her own person and moved the story along as just the right pacing.
    Wishful Miss
    Wishful Miss (Brew)
  • "Another great and witty book from Tracy Ewens, this time focussing on Patrick McNaughton and the brewery’s wonder woman Aspen. Great connection between the characters and you really get drawn in to the story."
    Rachel (Smooth)