Clara and Dylan

Stay, the fourteenth Love Story is out today. The first time Dylan showed up at The Roastery to meet Tyler (Catch), I knew he needed his book. Brooding and kinda angry in Catch, Dylan blossoms from adversity and […]

Jules and Tyler

Catch, the thirteenth Love Story is out today. This one took forever, but life was complicated for all of us, so I’m cutting myself extra slack. While I was writing Blow, Tyler and Jules were fun […]

Millie and Drake

Blow, the twelfth Love Story, is out today. Hands down the most difficult book to write so far. I’m not sure if it was the time in my personal life or the story, but this one […]

Cade and Sistine

Tap, the eleventh Love Story, is out today. Two of my favorite characters fall in love in the last of the McNaughton brother stories. Sistine works hard for her piece of Petaluma, as does Cade. Their […]

Patrick and Aspen

Smooth, the tenth Love Story, is out today. If only life came with a guarantee. There isn’t a more appropriate line for these two. They are both rigid and looking for the “right” way to […]