If only life came with instructions.

Boyd McNaughton is working on balance. He is a father, a brewmaster, and the oldest brother of four. When he’s not running Foghorn Brewery with two of his brothers, his days are packed with carpools, teenage angst, and well-intentioned school moms determined to send him on the perfect blind date. After a simple argument ends with a visit to the emergency room, Boyd discovers the one thing he’s been neglecting—his life.

Ella Walters is working on connection. Having grown up in a less-than-affectionate family of overachievers, she moved to Petaluma for a slower pace and to escape her past. She has friends now instead of accolades, chooses chocolate croissants over super foods, and cherishes the peace that’s replaced the drama. Sure, she occasionally misses the buzz of the San Francisco General Hospital ER, but Ella is learning that navigating a fuller life can be just as exciting.

When Boyd’s son, Mason, seeks out Dr. Ella for “advice” and Boyd stumbles all over her newly healed heart, she finds herself longing for something she never knew existed. But families are messy, and they’ll both need to let go of the past if they want to find a future that’s more than by the book.


“…he made her feel things that had her wishing he’d been her first everything. That he’d touched her brand-new heart before it broke and healed differently.”

“Fine is such a screwed-up word. It’s like … neat or nice. It says nothing. Being fine is like being barely alive.”

“She likes you, probably loves you by now and besides, girls go for clumsy and nervous, remember? You’re in Dad. She digs your weirdness.”


“as insightful as it is flirtatious.”
– Kirkus

“It’s been awhile since I’ve loved so many characters in one book.”
Wishful Miss

“The cover lured me in, the writing sold me! If you want a funny romantic story, Brew is it.”

“…a sweet blend of romance with a heaping dose of relationship uncertainty angst.”
A Klue

“…a slow burn romance of the best kind, nothing stands in the way of the characters and their love story except for themselves.”

Chapter One

Boyd McNaughton was losing a lot of blood. At least it seemed like a lot. He wondered how much blood a man could spare before he passed out. Staring down at his hand, fascination quickly flipped to anxiety when he realized he didn’t want to find out.

“Boyd,” his pain-in-the-ass brother said, reminding Boyd why he was bleeding and pissed in the first place.”]“I’m fine,” he said, grabbing rags off the stack he kept clean by the tanks below the old Foghorn Brewery sign. He covered his hand, not ready to catch a glimpse at how not fine things really were. Boyd boasted a decent tolerance for pain, but this was pushing the limit.

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What Readers are Saying…

  • "It’s light without being fluffy, the romance realistic, the friendships meaningful, and the characters easy to connect with. I always recommend Tracy Ewens’ novels, but this one might be my personal favorite."
    Carlene (Tap)
  • “Tracy Ewens writing proved to be what I crave from my romance books. Angst and conflict coupled with a character driven plot guided by charming, unassuming characters and terrific writing.”
    TeriLyn (Playbook)
  • “No characters have felt more real to me than these two. Sure there is the snappy dialog, wry and witty humor, but underneath it all is a love so deep and thorough that you can’t help but let your heart and emotions be touched in a way that lasts long after the story ends.”
    Becky (Exposure)
  • When it comes to the story itself, I loved the author’s voice. Her way with words, especially the inner dialogue of the characters, it was a really engrossing and comfortable read. It was funny, sad, happy and angsty at times but each character shined through as his/her own person and moved the story along as just the right pacing.
    Wishful Miss
    Wishful Miss (Brew)
  • "Another great and witty book from Tracy Ewens, this time focussing on Patrick McNaughton and the brewery’s wonder woman Aspen. Great connection between the characters and you really get drawn in to the story."
    Rachel (Smooth)
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