If only life were as simple as once upon a time and happily ever after.

Jules Bartlett stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. As captain of the Branch Fishing boats, she manages a mighty crew of twelve men and a plethora of tourists in search of deep sea adventure. Years from her divorce, Jules is content raising her daughter Bella, navigating her family’s ever-changing endeavors, and steering clear of any other men her mother assures her are out there in the sea.

Tyler Pace stopped believing Jules Bartlett would miraculously fall in love with him a long time ago. As CEO of Pace Capital and co-owner of BP Glassworks, he manages the money and anything else in Bodega Bay that needs fixing. Years after returning to a place he’d sworn off in favor of the big city, Tyler is reconciled to staying out of small-town gossip, dealing with his ailing alcoholic father, and assuring his best friend that managing love is as easy as sorting a spreadsheet.

Jules and Tyler have known each other forever, and their quick banter is both effortless and epic. When one wedding changes everything, they’ll both have to set aside what they think they know about love to learn that falling isn’t always the scariest part—sometimes love is all about trusting the catch.



“…the storytelling is dynamic and multilayered… and Ewens handles it all with a high degree of sensitivity and empathy. A heartwarming and nuanced second-chance love story.”  Kirkus

“It’s so amazing when a book can pull me right back to a moment in my own life and fashion a happy ending alongside it.” Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“The story is excellent. The characters are sublime. The plot is fantastic. The setting is *chef’s kiss*.” Shoshanna

“This romance feels raw and real and grown up.” Emily

“The playful banter, the chemistry and the amazing cast of characters that I have grown to love through other books in the series made this a 5 star read for me.” Kristen

Chapter One

Jules Bartlett hosed blood off the bow of the Ginsberg. She was stress cleaning; everyone knew it and wisely let her be. As captain of both the Ginsberg and the Eleanor, she now had crew for these kinds of things. Twelve men in total at her command, but this morning she’d reached her threshold and needed to do something rather than give instruction. An hour into their morning run, her usual spot at the helm had been stifling, and by the time they’d retrieved the last crab pot, the often-entertaining banter of the guys was grating on her tired nerves.

Rather than taking her crap out on them, she’d handed the helm over to Skeet, her second-in-command, and was now mindlessly hosing the deck in a valiant effort to ignore everything save the water washing pink across familiar steel. The wedding invitation now resting soggy in the pocket of her bib overalls had arrived as expected. Spotting it, all sweeping script and fucking doves, on her parents’ kitchen counter that morning beneath a bill from her daughter Bella’s dentist, Jules would have feigned indifference had anyone else been around. But she’d been alone in the early morning quiet, and despite years of history that left her firmly planted in reality, the whimsical folds of expensive paper still crashed over the bow of her life like a rogue wave and knocked her off balance.

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What Readers are Saying…

  • "It’s light without being fluffy, the romance realistic, the friendships meaningful, and the characters easy to connect with. I always recommend Tracy Ewens’ novels, but this one might be my personal favorite."
    Carlene (Tap)
  • “Tracy Ewens writing proved to be what I crave from my romance books. Angst and conflict coupled with a character driven plot guided by charming, unassuming characters and terrific writing.”
    TeriLyn (Playbook)
  • “No characters have felt more real to me than these two. Sure there is the snappy dialog, wry and witty humor, but underneath it all is a love so deep and thorough that you can’t help but let your heart and emotions be touched in a way that lasts long after the story ends.”
    Becky (Exposure)
  • When it comes to the story itself, I loved the author’s voice. Her way with words, especially the inner dialogue of the characters, it was a really engrossing and comfortable read. It was funny, sad, happy and angsty at times but each character shined through as his/her own person and moved the story along as just the right pacing.
    Wishful Miss
    Wishful Miss (Brew)
  • "Another great and witty book from Tracy Ewens, this time focussing on Patrick McNaughton and the brewery’s wonder woman Aspen. Great connection between the characters and you really get drawn in to the story."
    Rachel (Smooth)
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