Playbook – Chapter One

Annabelle Jeffries was lost in thought. It was nothing new, except this time she almost bought a zebra head. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the little girl with the blue toenail polish in […]

Exposure – Chapter One

Meg Jeffries wasn’t wearing underwear. She wiggled a bit in the backseat of the taxi as if to confirm she was now fifteen minutes from her apartment and all but naked under the rainbow fabric […]

Brew – Chapter One

Boyd McNaughton was losing a lot of blood. At least it seemed like a lot. He wondered how much blood a man could spare before he passed out. Staring down at his hand, fascination quickly […]

Smooth – Chapter One

Patrick McNaughton was sweating. Under the circumstances, he expected nothing less. What started as warmth at the back of his neck had made its way across his chest and down to his palms. The metallic […]