If only life were as simple as smiling for the camera.

After years of braving the Arctic’s frigid temperatures or endless hours tracking the Spirit Bear to capture the perfect shot for National Geographic, Meg Jeffries decides to move back to the city—San Francisco. She wants a life with more stability. The kind that lets her see her family more than once a year and comes with owning a toaster or a full-sized tube of toothpaste. But creating her new “ normal” is not without its obstacles. Meg is confident and successful behind a camera. A little extra publicity can’t change that… until it does.

Westin Drake is famous for fast cars and box office sales. Yet he’s a terrible driver and secretly hopes his fifteen minutes is almost up. West moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco, looking for some substance and time near his family. But now that the buzz of his next film, Full Throttle – Floor It, is hitting maximum fervor, West keeps everyone at arm’s length so he can protect the people he loves… until he can’t.

When the public mistakes a simple kiss on the cheek for a budding romance, Meg and West are caught in a media frenzy. Somewhere amid the backseat getaways and plastered smiles, Meg discovers the man behind the glossy photographs, and West wonders how he’ll ever let her go once the cameras stop rolling. Love is never simple, especially when the world’s watching. How much are two people willing to expose for a chance at a true happily ever after?


Despite the spotlight turned on them now, West had a way of distracting her as if they were sneaking under a blanket.

“I didn’t mean to put you on the spot back there, but lately I feel like I’m being sucked into a tornado and dropped from place to place.”

“You are,” he said.

“Oh, well that explains it then.”

West confirmed her address with the driver and Meg was more confused.

“So this is all part of your show?” she asked.

He laughed. “I don’t have a show. I have a life that requires me to do some pretty absurd things, but I am a normal human being.”


“The narrative has a light and fast-paced feel throughout, and, as in Ewens’ other books, it engagingly tackles complicated questions without ever sacrificing its quick tempo.”

“Sweet, heartwrenching – a wonderful love story. I’m finding it difficult to describe how deeply Exposure touched my heart.”
Buttons Mom 2003

“Sometimes all you need to cheer you up is a good romance, and this did the the trick.”

“…love so deep and thorough that you can’t help but let your heart and emotions be touched in a way that lasts long after the story ends.”

“This is a love story with all the clumsiness and intimacy you could imagine.”

Chapter One

Meg Jeffries wasn’t wearing underwear. She wiggled a bit in the backseat of the taxi as if to confirm she was now fifteen minutes from her apartment and all but naked under the rainbow fabric of her favorite skirt. If she asked the driver to turn around now, she would be late, and that was not an option. Not today. As traffic on the Bay Bridge slowed, she thought about stopping somewhere along the way but realized she no longer knew the city where she’d grown up. Fashuation, the trendy boutique her older sisters adored when they were teenagers, was now a dry cleaner. Meg leaned her forehead against the cold glass of the window. Nothing is the same. In more ways than just her underwear. Besides, she sat up, willing her insecurities away, she was not asking the balding driver who reminded her of a gruffer version of her grandfather if he knew of a place to pick up some panties.

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What Readers are Saying…

  • "It’s light without being fluffy, the romance realistic, the friendships meaningful, and the characters easy to connect with. I always recommend Tracy Ewens’ novels, but this one might be my personal favorite."
    Carlene (Tap)
  • “Tracy Ewens writing proved to be what I crave from my romance books. Angst and conflict coupled with a character driven plot guided by charming, unassuming characters and terrific writing.”
    TeriLyn (Playbook)
  • “No characters have felt more real to me than these two. Sure there is the snappy dialog, wry and witty humor, but underneath it all is a love so deep and thorough that you can’t help but let your heart and emotions be touched in a way that lasts long after the story ends.”
    Becky (Exposure)
  • When it comes to the story itself, I loved the author’s voice. Her way with words, especially the inner dialogue of the characters, it was a really engrossing and comfortable read. It was funny, sad, happy and angsty at times but each character shined through as his/her own person and moved the story along as just the right pacing.
    Wishful Miss
    Wishful Miss (Brew)
  • "Another great and witty book from Tracy Ewens, this time focussing on Patrick McNaughton and the brewery’s wonder woman Aspen. Great connection between the characters and you really get drawn in to the story."
    Rachel (Smooth)
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