Patrick and Aspen

Smooth, the tenth Love Story, is out today.

If only life came with a guarantee. There isn’t a more appropriate line for these two. They are both rigid and looking for the “right” way to do things. Aspen almost misses love because she can’t see past the fear of making her mother’s mistakes. Patrick has loved Aspen forever but never made a move for fear of failing.

There are times I find pieces of myself in characters and others when the characters are nothing like me, and I am fascinated. Aspen and Patrick are driven and orderly in a way I have never mastered. I did work in the corporate world for a while, so it was fun to sprinkle in some of the energy and lingo.

Best: Patrick and Aspen are equals. Shoulder-to-shoulder, a team in and out of the bedroom. They burn slow and consistent. I’m sure they would appreciate it that way.

Hardest: Grand. It is always tough for me to write generations or the passing of time. Grand developed into this wonderful woman who embraced her flaws, knew her joy, and loved her granddaughter enough to share it all.

Worst: Writing about workaholics is tough because they’re usually at work. Finding different spaces for these two to fall in love was a challenge. That’s why Patrick moved in above the brewery.

Fun Fact: In the first draft, Aspen was going to be a barrel racer. I intended more scenes around the barn where her mom works, but no matter how hard I tried, Aspen was not having it. She rode when she was younger and would have strangled her mom if they spent too much time together. A bit of space gave Aspen a more generous heart.

I hope you enjoy this Love Story. Happy Reading!




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